Monday, November 19, 2012

quinceanera reception hall houston tx butterflies!!

as it turns out we just hosted a quinceanera with a buterfly theme here in Houston at Rincon Real Reception Hall it was very very cute!!

we set up a little lounge area that was fantastic because we added a blue touch to it, check it out :D
i loved it!!! lol but yeah so the blue rocked it
not to mention my bows, ofcourse by yours trully!!!
it really does take so m uch time and effort to do these but seeing the faces of the girls makes it all sooo totally worth it, i wish i had thought of this before i had my quince!! hahaha
on the bright side i can get it for my wedding... that is if i dont think up of something else by then
i think its very original hehe
so about this cake, we as usual designed it specially for her.
We like to give every girl a different cake, the frame is similar but
its just nice for each one to have a different cake, yay!!
 plus it was great that it was aqua and turqoise and silver

as for the table covers, adorable!!!! lol
i just really love this style of table cover and it went well with the butterfly theme because everyone knows butterflies love flowers.

thanks for reading!!


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