Monday, November 19, 2012

quinceanera reception hall houston tx butterflies!!

as it turns out we just hosted a quinceanera with a buterfly theme here in Houston at Rincon Real Reception Hall it was very very cute!!

we set up a little lounge area that was fantastic because we added a blue touch to it, check it out :D
i loved it!!! lol but yeah so the blue rocked it
not to mention my bows, ofcourse by yours trully!!!
it really does take so m uch time and effort to do these but seeing the faces of the girls makes it all sooo totally worth it, i wish i had thought of this before i had my quince!! hahaha
on the bright side i can get it for my wedding... that is if i dont think up of something else by then
i think its very original hehe
so about this cake, we as usual designed it specially for her.
We like to give every girl a different cake, the frame is similar but
its just nice for each one to have a different cake, yay!!
 plus it was great that it was aqua and turqoise and silver

as for the table covers, adorable!!!! lol
i just really love this style of table cover and it went well with the butterfly theme because everyone knows butterflies love flowers.

thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

finding your perfect reception hall

So as it turn out you are planning a party!!!

It could be a quinceanera, a wedding, anniversary etc but now your thinking well I have never done this before what is my first move?

Well I would recommend that if you are religious your first step would be to get your religious ceremony date. Once you have that you need to start thinking about your venue, your reception hall, where will you host this party? And now we are back to where to start??

May I suggest a budget?? Not a budget that is sooo strict to the line, but rather one that can fluctuate either way, not too much but just a little. Once you have a budget you have to scout your area. In a big city you want to pick a “part of town” where all your guests can get to easily or at least a good majority of them.

Now that you have figured that out you also have to come up with a number of guests that you can expect to attend your event. This will narrow down your search for reception halls.

So now that you have a list of reception halls within your budget, in a good location, and with your capacity, its time to look at how their service is. You want a reception hall that really cares about making your event special and unique.

Some halls even offer packets so that they take care of everything for you, it really takes a load off your shoulders so you can focus on you!!!

i found a good number of spectacular reception halls at if you want to check some out but remember its all about you!!!

soo i also found another website that also has great information abour reception halls

  there is this one page to find halls and also this other one